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what are my energy bites?

Bite-sized snacks made from simple, clean ingredients that provide nutritional benefits and help you play better!

featured prOducts

Wholesome ingredients. Real flavor. Balanced energy.

NutritiOnal Benefits

Sustainable energy from natural plant proteins including almonds, oats, sunflower seeds, and chia seeds
Loaded with antioxidants from dark chocolate, almonds, cranberries, and vanilla
Naturally sweet from organic dates, no artificial sugars added

Why My Energy Bites?

Like many of our friends, we were rarely satisfied with the food choices available to us while on the course. Typical snacks offered at halfway houses are more often than not full of artificial ingredients and preservatives, and while burgers and hotdogs are fun for the 19th hole, the food residue and mess left on our hands was not.

After years of bringing our own snacks (fruit, nuts, or PB&J sandwiches) we knew there had to be a better food option… which is what led us to create My Energy Bites. Our power packed, clean-label ingredients provide us with the fuel we need for our 4 hour golf outing without experiencing any food craving or drop in energy, and they taste great too.

My Energy Bites were inspired by our love of golf, but can be enjoyed by fitness enthusiasts and wellness-minded people.

hear it frOm Our lOyal custOmers

My Energy Bites are excellent, nutrition filled and easy to eat. I like taking them to work and on the road when I travel. They’re a great solution to help keep me away from junk food when I’m craving a snack.


My Energy Bites are an essential part of my fitness regime regardless of if I’m playing golf or preparing for my next marathon.

BobGolfer & Marathoner

My Energy Bites are an awesome source of protein and energy for me - before, during, and after my 20 mile bike ride. I love them!


My Energy Bites fuel my game and keep me focused through the entire 18 holes. They even helped me sink my very first hole-in-one!


Perfect size, taste, texture, and the perfect amount of energy (without a crash) to get you through the day! I recommend them to all my patients.

ChrisSports Chiropractor

I love My Energy Bites! They taste great and keep me feeling satisfied and full for hours.


These clean power packed bites fueled my performance at the USGA Senior Open qualified tournament. I popped one every 6 holes and never felt a dip in energy. Great taste too!

AdzGolf Pro

I love My Energy Bites so much, I refuse to share them with my friends… they have to get their own!

ConnorAvid & Scratch Golfer